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HollyFrontier Woods Cross Refinery - 2016 TAR

Alky Unit Tower and Surge Drum Replacement Project

During the 2016 Turnaround, the HollyFrontier Woods Cross Refinery contracted with Haskell to remove and replace the 7V24 Tower and 7V25 Surge Drum inside their Alky Unit. Utilizing a 900-ton hydraulic crane for support, Haskell removed the top 70' of the 180' tall Depropanizer Tower and then welded a new top section into place. In addition, Haskell crews tunneled the bottom portion of the existing tower and performed the maintenance work while the tower was out of service during the shutdown. Our integrated team of Boilermakers, Ironworkers and Pipefitters worked closely with HollyFrontier's operations personnel to safely complete the project in only 21 days.