Haskell Corporation has extensive experience in the energy market, with a specific focus on power generation construction across the western US.

We have taken the lead role in a broad portfolio of projects that include co-generation, simple cycle turbine, combined cycle turbine, IC engine and CHPP type power plants. Haskell has performed as an EPC contractor or as a team member, taking on various elements of the project scope. Haskell’s management team is very adept at bringing together engineers and subcontractors to work collaboratively with the client, our own staff, and direct construction crews to deliver projects on time and under budget.

Geographically Haskell works across the Western States and Alaska, and with the addition of our new office in Salt Lake City we can now support Power Generation projects in the rocky mountain states.

Haskell is currently partnered with an Alaska construction firm, Davis Constructors & Engineers to construct a new Combined Heating & Power Plant at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks (UAF). Follow this link to view live construction cameras