_nor0603The Haskell Corporation team is distinguished by an exceptional level of experience, longevity with the company, and the ability to work efficiently under varying and sometimes extreme environments or remote locations. While employment has ranged as high as 1200, Haskell Corporation averages 150 employees on a non-seasonal basis.

The company enjoys a remarkably low turnover of skilled employees. Over 20 employees have retired with 40 years or more of continuous employment with the company. Many existing employees have been with the company for more than 20.

This length of continuous service is combined with a background of working in some of the harshest and most remote locations in the world. Logistics, teamwork, communication, and training are essential to operating efficiently and effectively under these conditions.

A key reason that Haskell Corporation is highly successful in completing difficult assignments is the level of teamwork and cooperation between project management, field employees, and the fabrication shop teams. Because we have learned to rely on each other and because employees are familiar with the skills and experience of their fellow team members, we’re able to operate with exceptional levels of productivity.